The night is dark, and the rain keep hitting the windshield of your car. An inexplicable breakdown forces you to stop, and to keep going on foot. This is when you spot, a few hundred yards ahead, the glow of a strange forgotten house in the middle of the woods.

INVITATIONEM is a short horror game. It’s an old-school 2D point ‘n’ click game, created and designed independently and personally.

A gameplay and a story that are pretty simple, and are inspired by classic horror cinema and its stereotypes : a breakdown in the middle of nowhere, a storm and a house with a supernatural atmosphere. A place that, behind its cozy aspect, reveals hints to a dark secret and to terrifying revelations.

LIFETIME : 20 - 25m

IMPORTANT : This game is currently experiencing loading problems on its downloadable version of the application. However, you can still play it in a browser. Thank you for your understanding.


La nuit est sombre et la pluie ne cesse de tomber sur le pare-brise de votre voiture. Une panne inexplicable vient mettre fin à votre itinéraire et vous force à rejoindre la ville à pied. C’est alors que vous apercevez, là, à une centaine de mètres devant vous, les lueurs d’une étrange demeure perdue au milieu des bois...

INVITATIONEM est un court jeu d’horreur. Un petit point’n click 2D à l'ancienne, créé et développé dans un cadre purement personnel et indépendant.

Un gameplay et une histoire simple, inspirée des codes du cinéma d’horreur classique et de ses stéréotypes : La panne au milieu de nulle part, la nuit de tempête, la maison à l’aura surnaturelle. Un lieu qui derrière son aspect confortable, cache les indices d’un secret aux révélations morbides.

Durée de vie : 20 - 25m

IMPORTANT : Ce jeu rencontre actuellement des problèmes de chargement sur sa version télechargeable via l'application Cependant, il vous est toujours possible d'y jouer sur navigateur. Merci de votre compréhension.

Development log


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Hello rreeves74. Why this ? Can i help you ?

I really have no idea! it just wont load to my pc

Putain de merde ! it is not normal. Are you trying to open it with the app or on the website? Because this problem has often been noted by app users.

same, i tried the browser version as well, not working

It looks nice, but unfortunately it crashes after getting the pliers, every time :(. Playing the browser version

Hello Art Of Nemo. Sincerely sorry. This bug is very rare and only appears under certain conditions partly related to the player's set. I never managed to get rid of this shit.

No worries! Still great game and atmosphere :)

I sincerely appreciate ! Thank you very much, T.A.O.N.


I loved it! Great game! I love the old school vibe, really crazy it ran in a browser as well, it looked really good! I did NOT expect some of those scares!

Hello ultimate :-)
I watched your video last night and I really liked it. Thanks for the conclusion at the end, I think it's really cool when players take the time to give their opinion. Thank you very much for taking the time to make this video, ultimate !
Greetings from France !

how do you unlock the safe? i have the code but it wont open


The codes change with each game. The solution is in what the character says when you click on the safe.

This was fun! The scares were really good :)

Hi Stickysugar !
I'm glad you had a good time. Thank you for your comment and greetings from France. :-)

this game crashed my PC... But it's a good game :0 

Hi TooruLol.
Sorry about your PC. Are you sure it wasn't the game that crashed? There is a very rare bug that I have never been able to fix. after recovering the clamp in the basement the game hangs on a black screen.

Really nice atmosphere, puzzles on point, fun to play! Thank you for your game 💗

Thank you very much Yuna ! :-D
I really like your video. You take your time, you are calm. I was surprised to see you playing with a controller. I didn't even know it was possible. I had never thought about it.
Thank you for taking the time to make this video !
Greetings from France !


Thank you! 💗 I connect my controller to steam and map the buttons to be pc controls. I have always struggled with mouse and keyboard gaming(not that point and click is a struggle 😂) so it just feels better for me to play games using my familiar controller, and gives me access to play the games I want to with ease 🎮


After watching your video, I tried it and it worked. I was able to try my own game with a controller for the first time. Thanks again Yuna ! :-D

That's very cool! I'm glad 😁💗

what is the safe code 

Hi sussss !
Did you end up finding it ?


I really loved this game
Point n' Click games ain't really my style but this one was simply amazing
This game is really well made and I wish we could get a longer version, or maybe another game like this for browser

Thank you very much Mr.Sir38 ! :-D
My next project will take time to emerge and I'm afraid it will require more powerful technology than a browser. Nevertheless, I will always remain concerned about the weight of a project because I know that not everyone can afford a gaming PC.
Thanks again and greetings from France !

Hey that's a fantastic game, do you have an email for business inquiries?

Sorry, I no longer do business related to members of this site since I received questionable messages in my mailbox. Thank you for the suggestion and your comment :-D
Greetings from France !

This was a surprisingly fantastic game. The puzzles weren't too tough and it all comes together at the end. The design of the creature and layout of the house were great and that one scare in the basement looked awesome. I'll admit, I don't really understand the secret ending so I'm assuming it's an inside joke kinda thing. Either way, it's always cool to see extra stuff!

Thanks for making games!


Hello zzzlaund :-)

I watched your test until the end and really thank you for this video, nice work.

The secret ending is indeed a joke, a bonus inspired by the secret endings of the Silent Hill saga. But I recognize that without the reference and even with a thank you letter, after spending time getting 35/35, that kind of award can be very, very disappointing.

These are things I write to avoid making the same mistakes again later. This is my very first game so of course I did some bullshit XD

Greetings from France !

Just wow. I've tried many point and click horror games over the years and disliked them; they just felt lackluster and tedious. But the atmosphere in this was amazingly creepy and had me hesitating to turn around corners. You got a jump out of me many times. Thank you for making this horror gem.

(1 edit)

Hello doves ! :-D

I've played quite a few point 'n click horror games over the years and I think I understand how you may have felt. Even good games today suffer from somewhat aging game mechanics. I don't think my game will escape it either over time ^^.

Thank you very much for your compliments and for the 5 stars. It was a pleasure.

Greetings from France ! :-)

Great short horror pnc game!  35/ secret ending lol

(1 edit)

You Rock ! lol Thank  you very much bigears !

Amazing game, atmosphere is crazy well done and the creatures had my peeing my pants. Overall a great experience, 10/10.


Sorry about your pants L31 XD. Thank you so much !
That makes me very happy ! Take care of yourself and greetings from France !

This is a very good game. 10/10

I tried to speedrun this during school

I really appreciate. Thank you very much Funtime ! :D

(1 edit) (+1)

I can't find anything help i wanna see the other ending

and yes i speed run it

Great job !

i put in the code for the jewlery box but it doesn't open. thats a bummer how does it open

It opens. Go check the code again, you are missing small details. Same thing happened to me, put in the code and it didn't work. Looking at the box, I realized the code I thought was right was wrong then had to go check code again.

i think you might have gotten the code wrong, pay attention to the shapes surrounding the shape in the center if that makes sense??.. since for example there's 3 woman ones but the difference between the 3 is that one is a circle, one is a square, one is a triangle. I hope this made sense although my English isn't very good.

This really helped


does anyone know how to get the key in the box on the bed? I did the pattern correctly it just won't budge. 

Go check the code again, it opens but you are missing small details. Compare the box to the source carefully and you will see.

I don't know but i know how i will tell

This was AWESOME! I don't really play point-and-click horror games that much but this was really fun!

Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video Taco ! And thank you very much for playing !
Greetings from France :)

Still one of my favourite games I've found on this site.

Thank you very much Rhys !
Thank you for taking the time to play it and make this video. It's always a pleasure to know that people were able to have a good time on my game.
Greetings from France !

(1 edit) (+1)

I was looking for a game to play while in work so I wouldn't fall asleep, and now I'm awake af because of this shocking horror experience! This game is amazing <3

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you so much x.Cherry.x  :-D
Be careful not to get caught in your workplace, the fear could become even more real ^^.
Greetings from France !

(1 edit)

I legit don't understand how to open up the box to get the key, otherwise than that, the game is really cool and fun.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello Summer ! :)
Thanks for the compliment !








The code is located in the lobby. The symbols on the 3 stained glass windows... not to mention the shapes that surround them.

Greetings from France ! :)

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I love this game.
The ending was unexpected and great and the overall look of the game is so well done and sold the creepy and off-putting feeling of the game, I also love the secret ending, It was cute and funny and worth playing the game many times.
I would love to see more games from you, no matter when they come out, I'll be playing them.

Thank you very much Pandamor :3 
It's really nice.

I would like to make a new game but I have work to do before that is possible again. Take good care of yourself.

Greetings from France :)

This was a great game, I loved every second of it... Apart from the moment when it froze in the middle of the ending cinematic ^^' (I think my Internet connection is to blame for it though, not the game!) Kudos, and I will follow you "just in case".

PS : J'ai joué à la version anglaise par réflexe, je me referai le jeu en VO un de ces quatre :)

Thank you very much drzeuhl ! :-D

I'm sorry for the bug during the ending cinematic. This is my 1st game and there are flaws related to my lack of experience. Even if you had internet connection problems, it's my role as a developer to think about this kind of situation and find a solution. These are flaws that I will correct in a future game.
Thanks Again :-)

PS : La VO c'est la même chose avec des baguettes, du vin, du fromage et les créatures font la grève au lieu de t'attaquer.

J'essaierai donc la VO <3

XD :3

This is exactly the genre of adventure I love. Beautiful graphics and atmosphere, congrats! Do a longer and harder sequel and I'll buy it asap :)

(1 edit)

Thank you very much Arkane84 :-)
I'm glad you had a good time. It will probably be a while before I start developing a new game.
Greetings from France.

such a creepy little game!! even in full daylight, the atmosphere and audio managed to have me creeped out :'D i looove how this looks, the fact that it's not quite realistic but not low poly either leads to something i think is the most creepy and 'off' feeling in vibe. one of the best point and clicks i've played recently, too!

Thank you so much cherubcurse :-D
I see what you're talking about. I was very inspired by the background visuals of the first 3 RESIDENT EVIL released in the second half of the 90's.
I'm glad you had a good time cherub :-)
Greetings from France !

nevermind i figured it out, great game

It was vicious to add the shapes in the combination, wasn't it ? XD
Thank you so much Deadinside776 :-D
Greetings from France !

yea...i'm not the sharpest egg in the attic lol


i'm stuck at the jewellery box, i am entering the correct code, but it doesn't open, am i missing something?

Late reply but yes you are missing small details. Just check the source of the code again carefully and compare to the box and you will catch what you missed.  If you're still stuck, the dev has answered the question here in the comments.

Hello Julian, getting ready to play the game and put the result on Youtube for my channel! Heard good things about it, so very excited. Will let you know how it goes :)

Thank you very much GHDT !
Enjoy the game ! I hope you won't encounter any bugs :-)

very good graphics and dark atmosphere

Thank you very much RBG !
These elements took me some time. I'm glad you like them :-)
Greetings from France !


After playing through the whole game over and over I was finally able to reach investigation level 35/35. It's a great point-and-click horror game.

(2 edits) (+1)

You can't even imagine the respect I have for you seeing what you've done.

The thumbnail is ultra clean. The game is 100% complete. The video can be played in 4k and 60fps. You put chapters. You took care to make a cool fast forward effect to make the video more enjoyable to watch for your viewers.
You didn't play my game, you made love to her XD

More seriously, Your work is that of a true artist.
Congratulations on all your hard work and patience.

It's the perfect playthrough.

Greetings from France !

Wow, thank you. I used to play lots of point-and-click games when I was young, but horror games in the 90's wasn't that scary. Your game was really nostalgic to me.


I'm really glad you liked my game, Marcos :-D
Thanks again for what you have done. It's great !

ohhh this is so good!!! i was so scared!

it's super laggy at the end, but really good!

Thank you so much chlo(e x 8) ;-D
Really sorry for the problems you encountered. This is my very first game and I still have a lot to learn before making a new one.
Thanks again chloeeeeeeee ! Greetings from France ^^

The game was really interesting and i love the horror aspect of it! its not demanding and very light as well ~ so i hope to see more in the future.

Hell Areku :-)

It always makes me so happy when I see people taking the time to make a video about my game.
Thank you so much ! Greetings from France :-D

i knew it! it is french :D but for real thank you forthe game julien ^ -^ 

Yes ^^ That's why the validation button in the chest box is in French and the toilets are in a different room XD
Thanks again, that's really nice :-)

one of the best horror games I ever played. I really enjoyed playing it.

Your compliment makes me very happy. Thank you so much MaroPanda :)
I had already watched your lets play :-D. I often go to youtube to see if I find new videos of my game there.
Thanks again and greetings from France.

I loved this so so so much! Thank you for making this game!! 
(2 edits)

Hello ! :-D

It's been a while since I've seen your video and it's really cool. I regularly check if new lets play of the game are published on YouTube.

Thank you very much for your feedback and your kindness. You are adorable Shrimpchu!

Greetings from France.

(1 edit)

Hi Julien. 

It' Niven, I am a game dev and a huge fan of your work. Maybe you would like to check out some of my games, especially the new release "Sunken". I would really like to hear your input on it. Thanks in advance. Greetings from U.K.

Edit: The game is Lovecraftian horror genre, just FYI.


Hi Niven.

I remember you very very well. You are the first person to have posted a let play and a very nice comment on my game. You even integrated it into a top 10 video and that made me very happy. I had already been on your page to try some of your visual novels but my lack of practice in English had prevented me from enjoying the experience as I would have liked and it's really a shame.

I'm trying SUNKEN very soon and I'll post you a comment and a rating. Thank you again for believing in my game before everyone else internationally.

Greetings from France.


You are too kind.
Best to you, my friend.

I loved this experience, nice game! Unfortunately the full screen didn't work, but anyway... great game!

Greetings from Switzerland and thank you for this :-)

Thank you very much bienli :-D
It must be an itchio problem. I specify in case that if you speak of the 4:3 ratio of the game, it is an aesthetic choice on my part.
Greetings from France. Take care dear neighbor.

Intrigante découverte que cet ovni du jeu vidéo : Invitationem. Du coup on s'est permis de faire un petit test sur Culture Underground 😇.

Ce que vous avez pris le temps de faire me touche. Je trouve votre article vraiment bon et très honnête vis-à-vis des retours des joueurs sur les + et les -
Merci beaucoup pour votre article, votre commentaire et votre note.
Des tas d'ondes positives à toute l'équipe :3


(nightmares unlocked)

Everything will be alright rainbow.
Don't worry... I'm here... I'm close... Behind your window... I see you...

This is an amazing work, It left me wanting to keep playing even after the game ended, I think the atmosphere is very well created and is very enjoyable.

I enjoyed it so much that I thought it would be fun to Speedrun this game, and so I did, even some friends went further and optimized the game to complete it in 7 minutes, crazy! I have many questions to ask on a technical level if you were willing to answer, but I do not want to bother either, amazing job Julien! I leave the video of one of my friends completing it in 7 minutes if you want to see it!

It's really great work ! I love speedruns, I watched a lot of them not that long ago. Thank you very much to you and your friend. Ask me all the questions you want.

------SPOILER ALERT (probably)------

I would really like to know if the randomness in the secure box each number is random? or there's a certain number of combinations, this would helps a lot for our optimization finishing the game, we already found like 10 of them but we are still finding a lot more, also you are invited to our Speedrun community of this game if you want to watch by yourself the things are we finding to optimize the game ;)

(2 edits) (+1)

this enigma has a particular functioning.

2 different screens may appear :

+ The 1st has marks on the B, C and F keys.
+ The second, the A, D and E keys.

For the following explanations, I will take the example of the BCF pattern.

You should know that a function in the program prevents you from finding it the first time. If by chance you enter the correct combination the first time, the game tells you that you made a mistake and the correct answer is redetermined by the program. Players succeeding the second time do not know it but they achieve a perfect.

Next :
The game talks about 6 possible combinations but that's a "lie".

In reality I have eliminated the back and forth combinations of the possibilities (BCF and FBC). It is very often the combinations that are tried first by the players.

So we are left with 4 real possibilities (BFC, CBF, CFB and FBC).

Obtaining this puzzle would amount to entering one of these 4 to pass the false first try stage as quickly as possible and really start the puzzle. In short, knowing all this, the number of possibilities by in reality from 6 to 3.

I chose to program this puzzle this way to create an illusion of challenge. I found it ridiculous at the time of the tests to arrive at this enigma and that sometimes the most obvious of the 6 combinations was the right ones the first time.

I am French and I translate on google. I hope it can help despite my bad English.

Someone seems to have broken the score by skipping this puzzle XD

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